My mother


I was in a deep search for heaven
I went here and there to search it
I couldn’t find out from any where
A fine day I realized that its mother
The real heaven in this world…mother
Whenever I did mistake she use to correct me
She showed the correct path to walk
She hold my hand when I was about to fall
She the only one cried when I was in pain
She the only one find out the problem from my eyes
My mother…….no the heaven where I am living
Love from her heart is a rain drop for me
Care from her heart is the bed where I can lay
A touch by her hand is a wind kiss for me
A look from her eye was the candle for my path
Is there any word to explain her completely?
Is there anything that I can give to her?
Is there any place that I can take her to there?
Tell me please who else can replace her?

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